Friday, July 27, 2012

Failure is a State of Mind

With the RWA National Conference in full swing in Anaheim this week, I’m reminded how the isolation writers face can cripple their perseverance and the importance of a supportive writing community.

This week I attended a reader’s workshop instead of RWA. I miss my supportive community, but during the closing of my workshop the presenter played this video. A reminder that failure is a state of mind, and someone always has your back. You just have to believe in those around you and never fail yourself.

Enjoy, (and sorry about the ad, but the video is worth it.)

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  1. I've had to avoid twitter so as to not be all bummed out. I esp miss the support of my writer peeps, but thank goodness for the age of social media! I feel less isolated bc of it. There's also M&M and I'm counting down the days!!!

    Heather McGovern