Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Extract from Awenasa Island

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Awenasa Island Available from Bluewood Publishing

Today is a day two years in the making. In August of 2008, I met a wonderful group of women at The Romance House and began writing a book.
Awenasa Island is now available from Bluewood Publishing in electronic form! Paperback is coming soon. **happy dance, happy dance, happy dance***

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Oops! May just slipped right past me without so much as a second of down time. Well, maybe a second here and there but it sure doesn’t feel like it.
I’m very happy to say I finished the final proof edits for Awenasa Island last week and am waiting with heightened anticipation to hear it is ready for print. I still can’t believe a year ago I had this manuscript rotting away in the back of my desk.
I’ve also spent much of the month working on a synopsis for my third novel (WIP). The Novel Workshop is hosting a synopsis class, so I jumped at the chance. The workshop also made me think about other skills I need to improve on including grammar.
Let me be the first to say what those who know me best wouldn’t dare. I SUCK AT GRAMMER!! Thank goodness for editors!
I’m sure Deborah at Bluewood will be happy to hear I have signed up for an on-line grammar class for the summer. No more homophone issues or comma misplacements for me! I’m no longer a gramaphobic! (Is that how you spell it? )
If I learn anything interesting I’ll be sure to pass it along to you guys!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Second Contract Kick in the Pants

I am very excited to announce I signed the contract for my second romance novel, Brigadoon’s Guarded Hearts this week! What a way to end a whirlwind of a month.
And April was going to be my quiet month with time to rest and reflect on where I have been and where I am headed. Instead I hosted a workshop on outlining, started the Garden Parties, finished edits on my latest, and am now working on rewriting my March Nano WIP. No wonder my brain is fried to the point I can’t even think of the words to post something on this blog.
So, what does May have in store for me? Defiantly more edits for WIP. I’m a bit perplexed with the short stories I had planned to send out this month. No matter how I try I can’t seem to keep the shorts short! Maybe I’m a novel girl at heart after all.
Oh well! Upward and outward even if I can’t seem to keep from being long winded about it.
For now it’s back to edits and reconfiguring story lines. Happy Saturday everyone.