Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top Ten Things I've Learned so Far from #14daynovel

Checking in from draftingland. Today marks the halfway point in my #14daynovel challenge and I’m a little more than half way through the rough draft at 125 pages. I tend up underwrite the first draft. 7 more days and 125 more pages to go!

While I’m here, procrastinating as usual, I thought I’d drop a Top Ten Things I’ve Learned list on you, so here it is. . .

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned so far from the #14daynovel Challenge

10) There are 50 episodes of The Backyardigans on Netflix, just enough to get you a day and a half of uninterrupted writing from the kidlits.

9) According to this my bad writing habits land me in good company.

8) Sleepplotting is a real thing.

7) It is possible to go more than three days without a shower as long as you’re not planning to leave the house.

6) Write or Die software. Need I say more?

5) lines like. . .

And then he said “…”. And then she said “…” And then they walked away.

are fully acceptable in the first draft. (Only the first draft.)

4) Crafting workshops in the middle of rough drafts are killer on the brain.

3) Peanut Butter M&M’s double as a well rounded meal when paired with a glass of Mountain Dew.

2) Sleep is a privilege, not a requirement

1) I can write a shitload of crap real fast. The good stuff takes time.

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