Thursday, July 21, 2011

Top 10 things I Learned about “Guy Code” from Watching the Millionaire Matchmaker

10) Touching = interest. The more he touches, the more he really, really wants you.

9) Kissing = shut the hell up!. . . and I do like you, but shut the hell up.

8) Directing Behavior (Daddy talk as I call it) = he’s protective of you.

7) Laughing at Nothing= lying or thinking about lying.

6) He’d rather be the forward one and ask the questions = control issues.

5) Eager to participate in physical behavior = eager to participate in physical behavior, in bed.

4) He stares = he likes what he sees.

3) He doesn’t stare = He likes what he sees but is trying not to stare.

2) He crosses his ankle over his knee either towards or away from you = time to cut your losses and buy yourself a drink, cuz you’re going home alone.

1) His first kiss is hard and fast = he’s horny and you’ll do.

His first kiss is slow, soft, timid yet strong = tie a lasso around his neck and call him yours!

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