Friday, July 15, 2011

The First Kiss

Yes, I feel stupid having to actually research a first kiss, but mine came 28 years ago with a boy whose name escapes me while sitting on top of the monkey bars in kindergarten. He leaned over, pecked me on the cheek, smiled, and took off down the bars and across the playground.

My first kiss with my husband was much more memorable. We’d been on a date that started as just a friendly get together. On the front porch of my sorority house, I leaded against his shoulder, it was about three in the morning at the time, and he crocked his finger under my chin, and pulled my lips up to his. He stared softly into my eyes for a few seconds (while my brain was screaming, no! You can’t kiss him or the friendship will be over), then he came in for the kill. He was so soft, and warm, and loving, I melted. Within a second, friendship and the ex I had been telling him all about that night, vanished from my mind and he had me hooked. That was eleven year ago, and I still remember clearly.

So, what makes that first kiss, or any kiss, curl your toes, send butterfly dancing in your tummy, or give you the super warm and fuzzies? I don’t know, but the research sure is fun.

Here’s a man’s take on the first kiss scenario. So, they may seem funny, but I kinda liked #5. May have printed it out and left in Hubs sock drawer. May not have. You’ll never know.

And this from the movie Keith (Start watching around 1.30 if you’re in a hurry, but for an angsty Friday night, I highly recommend the entire move.) WARNING: there may be a little s.e.x. innuendo.

And, my all time favorite first kiss. . . hold your breath! (North and South)

(Start at 2:20, then swoon. . .)

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