Friday, September 24, 2010


I’m totally lagging today. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, or the looming edits for WIP. Maybe the news that I’m not eligible for the Golden Heart because… I won’t go there. I have enough battles to wage.

Whatever the reason, I’m in need of some hotness. Join me won’t you.

Let’s start with something sweet yet tantalizing. Mr. Bloom

Now, on to a tried and true fav for me (all the way back to the Newsies days) Mr. Bale

Mr. Somerhalder. Enough said.

Mr. Skarsgård because I hope he eats Bill Compton.

Mr. Manganiello for the same reason as Mr. Skarsgård

And we’ll end with a man I wouldn’t mind spending some time listening too. Sexy voiced Mr. Armitage.

Happy Friday. Enjoy the eye candy!


  1. Sigh! Mr. Bale in 3:10 to Yuma is how I see Trey in my mind,and Richard Armitage has a voice to die for (not to mention the rest of him). I have to see North and South again soon.

  2. Jennie we are two women with a shared heart for men. If you have Netflix, North and South is on the instant view. I watch it often.