Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Griswold’s Family Vacation AKA I'm on Vacation

I grew up in the Griswold family. My father wasn’t as clumsy or numbskullish as Clark Griswold, but we had our share of Griswold family moments. The dog didn’t get dragged behind the car, but he did nearly drowned in a lake, eat a fishing hook, was rescued from a freezing pool, and hit by a car. Yes, he did live thought it all, thank the doggie angels.

I do remember a Christmas where something was living in the Christmas tree, and the summer mom almost sat of the Copperhead under her chair. There was the time we tried to save money on a summer vacation by camping. Who knew that was the same week the frogs had all decided to mate and crock well into the night. Hoards of them!

Oh, and the time the hornets’ nest fell in the fire place. Alfresco dinner that night I tell you!

The point of my longwindedness is, I am going on vacation. Up there in them hills, also known as Ma and Pa’s place, I won’t have internet, so I won’t be in the blogosphere to update here. As a consolation, I promise to post uber funny pictures from the trip. I’m sure there will be more than a few, mostly of me doing things I would only do with the Griswold’s.


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  1. Have a great holiday, Ann, and say hi to the Griswolds for me!