Saturday, July 24, 2010

Back in the Office

No, I’m still on summer vacation, but I did return to my office this week—my writing office that is.

Two years ago, when I took up writing as more than just a spectator sport, I transformed a corner of Hubby’s Man Den into an office. I had my grandfather’s old desk, still filled with his drafting tools and even one of his razors, my old desk top PC, and a chair. I was in business. From that old PC I could blast the music (YouTube) and write away for hours without stopping.

It was the Bee’s Knee’s!!!

This farm girl’s idea of Hog Heaven!

Then came the laptop…

And soon after, laptop # 2…

Then, couch potato, TV watching, snacking, chatting with the fam— NOOOO writing.

Cue Susan Power. “STOP THE insanity!”

Well, old well-loved desk, piles of manly mags and sports books, dirty laundry that hasn’t seen the inside of a washing machine in my son's life time, and whatever other disgusting things are lucking just beyond the confines of my corner in the Man’s Den—I’M BACK!

The speakers are pumping, this time from (Tina Turner to be precise), I’m double fisting the caffeine, singing at the top of my lungs, and I’m back in business!

Granddaddy Jackson would be so proud!—He liked Tina too.



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