Monday, January 3, 2011

3rd Book Blues????

My New Years writing resolution was to write everyday, but maybe it should have been to stop spinning my wheels. I can't seem to pick just one project and stick to it long enough to make any headway.

For 10 months straight I worked on my first book. Every spare moment I had went into writing, editing, studying the craft, editing more, and submitting. The second book was much the same way. For a time I even worked on both at the same time in different stages. Both ended up being successful projects and I applauded myself for not falling into the second book blues.

I started 2010 off with a new story which took 8 months to write (rough draft only). While writing I kept thinking of other stories that might be better, or projects I could get done when my muse wasn't happy with the current WIP. The result was countless folders of unfinished work on my PC and a feeling of almost helplessness for the future of my writing. Did I just say that aloud? I did. Good. You needed to hear it. I'm afraid I'll never write anything worth publishing again. I jump from one project to the next thinking if I don't get this done I'll never make it as a writer.

So, I've taken the first step, I've admitted defeat. ***not defeat, maybe conundrum***.

What's step 2? Take a breath? Prioritize? Scrap everything I've worked on for the last year and start fresh? I don't know. Wish I did. Then I could write a self help book for getting your life back on track after publication. If I find an answer, I'll pass it along. Until then I'll just keep trying.


  1. Any chance of picking your favorite from 2010 and finishing it? Don't give up! Keep writing!

  2. Hey Beth. I think that's the plan. The problem is the one I want to work on is just and idea and I have finished stories that need last edits. I think I'm just going to go with what the muse wants for now and try to find my footing again. Hope to see you Saturday!

  3. It's funny, isn't it, how nearly-completed projects don't draw us like something fresh and new. For me, sometimes it works to put a project away for two or three weeks and work on something else. The edits get done faster in the end because I'm seeing with fresh eyes.