Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 New Year’s Resolutions Revisited.

I’ll admit it makes for a redundant post, but to move forward with 2011’s resolutions I had to take a look back to 2010. I may not have finished everything on the overachieving list, but I can honestly say I’m proud of what I did accomplished.

Dear Me,
2009 was a year to remember for you. Two written novels, one contracted, one very close, three short stories entered into paying contests, a webpage, a BlogSpot, and 165 Facebook friends. For someone with mediocre computer skills, you did well. 2009 was a year of firsts. 2010 will be the year of great accomplishments.

You’ve proven yourself a writer. No more hiding in the closet and only writing when everything in your busy life is complete. This year writing moves to the front seat of your life. This will be the year you prepare to make the leap from hobby to career.

Don’t worry, I know how you are. If the goals aren’t clear and a timeline in place, you’ll never stick to it. I’ve taken the initiative to do a little planning for you. All your goals are reachable, and your timeline flexible, but you still have quite a bit of work on your hands.

January will be a month for cleansing and preparation. You will finish the edits to Guarded Hearts and you will revise your query and synopsis. Oh, and just your luck Romance Writers of America meets in your city. I’ve signed you up to be a guest at the first meeting of the year. I’ve also started a blog to keep you on task. Your daily blog at should help. Just remember to post goals daily.( Made it a CWR meeting in July and started edits on Guarded Hearts.)

February will bring a new challenge, actually outlining a story before you write it. Hey, you’re the one who said you wanted to add depth to your stories. You will also research agents and get Guarded Hearts ready to send. I’m pulling for Harlequin Super Romance for this one, so get your tushie in gear. (Outline done, but Harlequin is still waiting.)

March is the unofficial, official March NaNo in the Novel Workshop. That great outline you just finished in February will help you reach those fifty thousand words in no time. And don’t think those sixteen hundred odd words get you out of submitting. WOW (Women on Writing) is expecting a short story from you by the end of the month. I was thinking something about being the parent of an autistic child. It’s about time you started writing about him. (Hum. . . started outlined story. . . )

April is going to be wild. Besides filing away those letters from agents, I’ve signed you up to teach a workshop at the Novel Workshop’s Workshop. Don’t worry too much. You’re teaching the Rough Draft in Thirty Days and using You NaNo novel as an example. (The workshop was a success even with being out of town for a week. Continued working on WIP. Submitted Guarded Hearts and signed a contract, but no short stories. Still very proud of my accomplishments for a very busy month.)

May is usually a crazy month for you, and I’m thinking this will be the month you hear from your editor about Awenasa Island, so I’m leaving things pretty open. However, this is not the time to get lazy. Make sure you are writing morning pages, reviewing at the romance house, writing short stories, (a few entries to the Writer’s Cramp wouldn’t hurt), and of course there’s always editing to be done. Your NaNo novel has been marinating on the shelf for a month now so feel free to pick it up and start edits. (Finished edits for Awenasa Island and released the e-book and print! YEAH!)

Ah, now we get to June. I know it’s your favorite month. Enjoy your time at the beach house but don’t forget to rest, relax, review and edit. Oh, and don’t neglect those agent letters. If you don’t have one by now, might be time to starting making some changes to Guarded Hearts.(Kinda forgot about those agent letters, but did make my top ten list for the next WIP.)

July will be mostly the same except I’m thinking this would be a great time to finish up old projects, like your March NaNo book, and plan some new ones. Short stories are always in order, and then there is the outline for your personal NaNo book in August. By now you should be an old pro at outlines. (Continued work in WIP and joined the CWR (Carolina Romance Writers)

August is the month of your personal NaNo. Thirty-one days to write fifty-thousand words. Don’t even think about telling me you’re too tired at this point unless you DON’T plan to be a professional writer. Let’s just put things into perspective. Bigger house, showing horses again, not worrying about bills… all the motivation you need to enjoy those sleepless nights. (Yeah, yeah, yeah, Plenty of motivation, but not enough time or energy. Just worked on finishing WIP)

September should be easy going. You will submit your March NaNo book to your new agent and he/she will love it. Celebrate this movement! Enjoy your success then get back to work. You will be thankful you put in a little effort now when November NaNo rolls around. (Finished March WIP and started outlining November NaNo book.)

October will be NaNo outlining and August NaNo book editing. This would also be a great time to catch up on blogs, webpage posts, ect. (Outlined NaNo book and listened to the RWA Conference on DVD. How do people remember all that wonderful information in a week. Took me three to get through the DVD version.)

November NaNo is finally here again. Despite what you might think you do still have fifty-thousand words left in you. Just think, after this month you will have five novels completed. Think where five novels could get you. Remember to spend a little time giving thanks to all the people who have gotten you here;, the girls and guy and the Romance House, Bluewood Publishing, The Novel Workshop’s Workshop, Your new agent, family, friends, and most of all, YOU! (Won my first Nano and decided to NEVER do it again. I have 60K of crap that will never see the light of day.)

December is always a month of joy. Hopefully you will be working with your agent on edits this month. Don’t forget this is also the year you spend the holidays with your family. Take some time off to enjoy them. Reflect back on how far you’ve come in twelve months. Pat yourself on the back for your efforts, commit to learning from your mistakes, and above all, be proud. You are one year closer to becoming a professional writer! (I didn’t come as far as I had hoped on the writing front but I learned an immeasurable amount about writing, my voice, my style, and the types of stories I want to produce. The writing will come but the lessons learned are priceless.)

Love and God Bless,

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  1. I hear you, Ann. My goal for 2010 was to get my work life back on track after the big derailment, so I could focus more on writing. That happened, and I got Heart finished and out there. Now I'm hoping to take the next step with Shattered, to get my writing to the next level. An agent? Maybe. As you say, we're both one year closer to being pros!