Saturday, November 6, 2010

They are called Trenches.

I just returned from an RWA meeting and feel so refreshed. Not sure if it is the hour of silence I have on the way there, or the “adult conversation” I lack the rest of the month, but I always return feeling a little more centered then before.

Today, Jana G. Oliver shared her experience of going from self-published, to small press, to BIG NAME publisher, too soon to be New York Time best seller.

The message I left with—I’m in the trenches of this thing we call publishing. Thank goodness she cleared that up because I mistakenly thought I was in purgatory.

I know where I want to be, and I know what I have to do to get there, but like most plot lines, the middle is muddy.

From the outside publishing seems like this almost automatic run of events-- write book, send out MS, attend book signings, make millions, guest appearance on Oprah.

Most non-authors don’t see the murky in-between the HOT DAMN I have a contract, to the actual printing of the book. Then there’s the promotion WHILE writing number two and three and . . . You get the picture. At times it seems daunting, but what makes me always come back is it ALWAYS feels worth it.

So, to those in the trenches, and to those who support us (i.e. put up with our masochistic butts) Happy Writing!!


  1. So true, Ann. We all have days when we wonder why we do this to ourselves, but in the end, we write becuase it fulfils us in a way nothing else can.

  2. ha ha! I thought it was past purgatory and actual hell! But I see the light...hopefully.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog party!

  3. Jennie,

    So true. Writing is in the fabric of our being.


  4. Tamara,

    The light is there and you are seeing it. Congrats on your book!!! Best of luck this month.


  5. So true, it does feel like purgatory sometimes. Happy writing to you too. I just popped over from Tamera's blog party!