Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Autograph Please!

I never would have thought the most nerve-racking part of this whole publishing business would be signing my name on the inside of the first book sold. Seriously, my hands shook and I had to practice on paper before I could commit to the autograph. I have visions of authors whipping out books to scores of waiting admirer and all I can think it, please not me!
Tell me this gets easier!



  1. Oh my Ann,
    I know just what you mean. I have okay handwriting, but as soon as I write in someones book, it looks like a five year old signed it. I've practiced through several pages in a notebook I bought just for such an occasion, but as soon as someone asks me to sign their book, I freak. My heart pounds and my hand shakes. I want to go into the other room and write it down first on to make sure it sounds all right. I fear I'll misspell the persons name. Again. Yes, I've misspelled my best friends name! A name I've written for years.

    Have you figured out what your signature line will be? I've been writing Happy Reading. Not very clever I'll admit, but I'm too nervous to write anything else.

    I also wish I had a blank autograph page. I now just sign across the title page.

  2. Oh Julie, glad I'm not alone!

    My tag line is, Enjoy! I'm a wonderfully deep thinker aren't I? I copied a handwriting worksheet off the internet and practiced many many times. Once it came time to sign my hands started shaking and yes, it all looks like a 5 year-old.

    I've been signing the title page too. There is enough room at the bottom but not enough to write a lot so I figured I'm safe there. ;-)