Saturday, February 20, 2010

Busy Month Ahead

March is almost upon us again and for me that can mean only one thing…the busiest time of the year!

My kids, the one’s I teach, not the one I gave birth to, have end of grade testing coming up, so I’m sure I’ll be on my feet from now until May, testing, retesting, and tutoring.

Away from the daily drudge, March is the official, unofficial Novel in a Month, month at the romance house. Fifty-thousand words mixed with family and work― my head might start spinning. Really, NaNos are great fun and I recommend them to anyone interested in writing. Check out for more info.

So, speaking of NaNo, I have two almost completed outlines to choose from and I can’t make up my mind. Outline one is a humorous addition to my normally dramatic rantings about a woman trying to find love in small town Tennessee despite the fact her meddling aunt put a personal ad in the classifieds between the farm equipment and house painters. It’s a laugh a minute ride until hearts are put on the line.

Choice two started as a dream last week and has pretty much written itself over the past several days. Ava’s a woman on the run from a mysterious man and Ethan’s an ex-Navy sailor turned fisherman struggling to keep his sport fishing business afloat on a small island in Maine. It takes a while for sparks to fly between these two but when they do… make sure you’re standing near water.

Oh March, please be kind to me! Summer vacation feels like its right around the corner, yet it still so far away.


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